Frustrated with Warwick Town Board

| 19 Oct 2021 | 04:01

    In 15 years as a resident of the Town of Warwick, I’ve been frustrated that year after year, the six-member Warwick Town Board remains all Republicans – even though Democrats and independents make up one-third of the town’s 22,000 registered voters. So I’m urging my fellow Democrats and Independent voters to vote between Oct. 23 and Nov. 2 for the Democratic candidate Greg Gallucio for Warwick Town Board. With a background in electrical engineering, manufacturing safety, green energy, and international business, Greg has the experience to fix some practical issues that have neglected for too long:

    Set aside time at board meetings to brainstorm new ideas and projects that solve current problems, and anticipate long term needs.

    Fix the Kings Estates broken playground and basketball courts, which the residents pay for and the towns people are entitled to us. Residents have complained for years, but the damage gets worse. Short-term thinking creates a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Fix the Town’s aging water infrastructure: reservoirs and the piping that delivers it into our homes are vital services. Residents complain, but the board is committed to “no new taxes.” Instead of common sense, preventive maintenance, it will now cost us millions to update and repair. But Greg has found partial funding through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) for COVID Relief – some of which covers healthy water maintenance. And he says, if President Biden’s Build Back Better $3.5 billion infrastructure plan passes, we might qualify for enough money to avoid raising taxes at all to do the needed work.

    The more I watch Greg Galluccio’s videos on his website at, the more I’m convinced his common sense ideas and solutions will be an asset to all of us who live in beautiful Warwick.

    Debra Scacciaferro