Voting is the best way to make change

| 18 Oct 2021 | 02:47

    You hear a lot of complaints around town about taxes, the state of the roads, and the like. The best way to change things is to vote in your local elections. Local elections affect us far more day to day than national ones do. When you don’t vote in your local elections, you allow a small handful of people to decide who runs your town, how your tax dollars are spent, and who is (or isn’t) looking out for us. You allow a situation where the retiring town councilperson believes he can install his son in the same seat. We have an opportunity to break the stranglehold the good old boy network has on our town. There is a video going around with our Town Supervisor touting accomplishments of the Town Council, yet we haven’t heard from their current candidates. Neither one has bothered to share their ideas on how we can make our community better. Perhaps they don’t think they have to? Easier to hide behind projects sponsored by others as their own and run as if they are a Borg. It’s time to bring some fresh air into a stale government. Vote Row A for Greg Gallucio, Steve Rubin & Jennifer Echeverria on Nov. 2.

    Susan McDonald