Vote for equal representation on Warwick Town Council

| 15 Oct 2021 | 12:42

    Author Mark Twain observed: “To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to insure bad government...”

    Warwick voters should heed his warning. For decades, one party – Republicans - have had a lock on leadership at Town Hall with not a single Democrat on our Town Council in 23 years.

    Consequences of one-party dominance have brought predictable results: lack of transparency and accountability; and a closed off “business as usual” approach that’s tone deaf and arrogantly unresponsive and unaccountable to so many in our community. Voting for more equal representation this fall is the remedy.

    Greg Galluccio and Steve Rubin are ready to deliver new ideas and real accountability to Warwick Town Council.

    Greg’s worked as an executive in the lighting industry focusing on sustainability and energy efficient technologies. He’ll be an outstanding advocate as Warwick continues to balance environmental, business and infrastructure needs.

    Steve Rubin is the founder of Hudson Valley Jazz Festival. As such, Steve has created deep community connections with business and political leaders, cultural institutions, local artists and audiences. As a jazz musician and festival organizer, he’s adept at listening to others and working collaboratively to achieve a successful fusion of diverse ideas and goals.

    Jennifer Echevarria is the the Democrat’s candidate for town justice.

    Greg and Steve will bring needed skills, energy and new perspectives long absent from Town Hall. Please vote Galluccio-Rubin-Echevarria on ROW A this fall for responsive, accountable leadership that works for all our citizens.

    Joan Tirrell