‘It’s time for some new energy’

| 16 Oct 2021 | 05:42

    I am writing in support of Greg Galluccio for Warwick Town Board.

    I find Greg to be bright, well-informed, and interested in listening to a wide range of opinions and ideas.

    Anyone who has attended a Town Board meeting knows that very little discussion occurs. Sometimes this is because issues are cut and dried, but when this is not so, I wonder how issues are thoroughly explored and decided when they do not appear in a public forum.

    Greg advocates for more transparency in board decisions and more innovation in town policies.

    Some say that advocating for more diversity on the board is unimportant. I disagree. New perspectives can add another dimension to considerations. Although the current board has taken many actions that make Warwick a wonderful place to live, not all voices and concerns are represented.

    It’s time for some new energy. Please vote for Greg Galluccio. (www.greggalluccio.com).

    Mary Makofske