No country for one voice

| 18 Oct 2021 | 03:47

    The reality we are living in this nation and in our community is that of division and control. I have heard so much about keeping the status quo on our local Warwick town board. I will tell you that regardless of my political affiliation, my voice is not heard. The voices of so many in our community are NOT heard. The current board only listens to the one and that is not how a representative government works. As I look to change things to help more voices be heard and my children, not yet of voting age, to be heard I know that my voice needs to be heard that’s why I support Greg Galluccio & Steve Rubin for Warwick town Council. We all live the status quo and pretending a problem isn’t here only makes those problems worse! I am speaking to all who feel disenfranchised, alone and too young to make a difference. We hear you so please help support your local candidates Greg & Steve deserve your consideration and your vote!

    Doug Page