The Friday Night Lights Fun Run

Warwick. Middle School Mileage Club completes the season running a total of 3,164 laps, or 840 miles. That's about the distance from Warwick to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

| 09 Dec 2019 | 07:16

The Mileage Club is a Warwick Valley Middle School running club and it is very fun. Fifth- through eighth-graders run and train on the track after school.

You will also learn skills like stretches, setting goals, how to pace yourself and how to run in other exciting events.

Friday Night Lights run

On Friday, Oct. 13, we came to the track during halftime of the varsity football game. We started out with warm ups and pictures.

Then we got on the track.

Suddenly all we could hear was three whistles coming from the referee and, before you knew it, the fun run was about to begin. We all lined up on the starting line and got into position. Ready, steady, go!

There and then the fun run started. Everyone was watching one another zoom by, switch lanes and racing ahead.

But no matter what, everyone was a winner. Two laps around the track and that was it.

We were running a half a mile, which equals 800 meters. As we all crossed the finish line we lined up and got place cards.

Finally, we all earned Mileage Club medals to wear.

The places

Sixth Grade Boys

1. Hank Wendell 2:57.66 (Overall winner)

2. Jake Tannar 3:07.94

3. Dillon Asturby 3:21.94

Sixth Grade Girls

1. Erin Kelly 2:59.91 (Overall first female)

2. Amiya Chatman 3:00.59

3. Janiya Chatman 3:00.98

Fifth Grade Boys

1. Henry Wright 3:02.66 (First fifth-grader)

2. Conor McVeigh 3:17.84

3. Jake Cosco 3:19.66

Fifth Grade Girls

1. Kelsy Larney 3:16.84

2. Maddie Luciano 3:17.34

3. Cate Paulson 3:23.81

What it felt like

Honestly, it felt amazing. With the breeze blowing against my face, and the sound of all those people cheering my name, running under the lights was a night to remember.

When I was running past people and when I made it past the finish line, it was the best.

It was definitely one of the best nights of my life and one of the most exciting ones, too.

I hope you join mileage club so you can be a part of the fun, too.

End of season wrap up
The season wrapped up in late November with the group completing 3,164 laps, which totals 840 miles. That is about the distance from Warwick to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
In addition, several runners competed in the fall and Thanksgiving Turkey Trots, finishing 5Ks. Great job.
Special congratulations to the top finishers in each grade:
Most Laps fifth Grade Female: Savannah Martino, 50 laps 12.5 miles
Most Laps fifth Grade Male: Henry Wright, 57 laps 14.25 miles (top overall).
Most Laps sixth Grade Female: Amanda Sit 38 laps 9.5 miles
Most Laps sixth Grade Male: Jake Tannar 50 laps 12.5 miles
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