Support for the Democrats

| 19 Oct 2021 | 01:06

    I am dismayed by Tiffany Howell’s letter to the editor claiming everything good in Warwick is due to the current incumbents. Oh, and to a “newcomer,” right after denouncing “unqualified” newcomers!

    I’ve not heard one thing from the incumbents (or their newcomer) about what they bring to to the table. Seems their only qualifications are that they’re the incumbents. Where is their platform, their ideas, their diversity?

    We have well-qualified Warwick residents who, despite busy lives are willing to step up to their civic duty. It’s not easy for them to spend their “down time” going door to door to introduce themselves to their neighbors, and explain what they believe in. Greg Galluccio and Steve Rubin, both candidates for Town Council, have done just that. Jenn Echevvaria is an attorney who is more than qualified for the position of Town Justice. She has walked this town to introduce herself to her neighbors, and talk about the position.

    I’ve yet to meet any of the current officeholders, or their newcomer. Have they nothing to say, and don’t they care about their constituents? Signage alone doesn’t do it folks!

    It’s time for a change. It time to recognize that Warwick will only be better when all residents have a voice, when we each realize the need to hear each other. Listen to the candidates. Do they have something to say other than “keep the incumbents?”

    Charlene Hirschberg