‘My fervent forecast (is) that Jennifer Echevarria will truly be a credit to Town of Warwick’

| 26 Oct 2021 | 07:57

    My name is Jerry Boies. I am a trial attorney in the New York City area. I litigate civil rights and employment cases. I am writing in support of Jennifer Echevarria for Town of Warwick Justice.

    In a 1759 letter to his father, Charles Carroll of Carrollton wrote: “(T)he law in England is not only a road to riches, but to ye highest honours.”

    He was partly right. Fortunately, not every lawyer becomes rich or is interested in becoming rich.

    I said “fortunately” because some of us are more interested in improving the lives of our neighbors, those that are less fortunate, what we generally call “the little guy.”

    That’s what Ms. Echevarria is all about. Through the practice of employment law, I have gotten to know her. Her resolve, diligence, humility and commitment to hard work are unusual and I fully expect that these qualities will serve Town of Warwick well.

    Most of all, I know Ms. Echevarria as one who views for position of being a justice for Town of Warwick not merely as a means for earning a livelihood, but as a unique opportunity to inspire others and be fair. Her passion for the law, justice and impartiality stand as a testimony to her character and my fervent forecast that she will truly be a credit to Town of Warwick.

    I recommend and support Ms. Echevarria without reservation.


    Jerry Boies

    New York City