'Divisive rhetoric ... utter nonsense'

| 22 Jan 2020 | 03:53

    My congratulations and thanks to John Harragin for his enlightening letter to the editor in which he stated: “The biggest single carbon emitter and polluter on earth is the United States Military.”

    In his diatribe to make us aware of the affects of climate change (of course, we all needed his insight on the topic), he points to the military as the most egregious culprit.

    It was also necessary of him (and also apparently most important to him) to indirectly engage each and every Vietnam veteran in his derogatory statements about the U.S. Military by expressly using a most inflammatory title of the letter (which deserves no repeating here).

    What a patriotic gentleman Mr. Harragin is for his informative letter and for his efforts to engage us all in the climate change debate, while at the same time disparaging the military and all those of us who have served (especially in Vietnam).

    Perhaps, Mr. Harragin has had the honor of serving in the military himself and has a particular insight into the experience which he would like to share with us.

    Because, of course, his insight is what we all need in these days of divisive rhetoric ... and in his case utter nonsense.

    Carmine Garritano