A one-party governance system is never healthy

| 19 Oct 2021 | 12:06

    Warwick is a perfect example of America in miniature. We have the full spectrum of political and social perspectives. Unlike our dysfunctional national governance system which is flooded with external lobbying influences, small town governance is personal and can be very meaningful. As the saying goes: “all politics is local politics.” We can make Warwick work beyond the divisions of national party affiliations. Yet, that is not what is going on for us. Our town board does not show diversity of perspective. I’m not saying to vote party allegiance, I’m instead asking everyone to vote for new blood – new, fresh perspectives. This is why I am publicly encouraging my friends and neighbors, from whatever party, to vote for Greg Galluccio for our town Board. We can trust Greg to follow through on a pro-business agenda that is in no contradiction with a pro-environment agenda. We trust Greg to never cave-in to the monied special interests that are trying to control our local media for their own purposes. We trust Greg to stand up in favor of our small homegrown business interests – not those financed by outside investment sources. We trust Greg to advance the autonomy and self-governance of Warwick and protect us from outside entities that would bulldoze our beautiful town into another wasteland such as we see in other poorly developed towns. He is an engineer and a business person who knows what’s going on and how to get things done. It really matters to get good people like Greg on our Town Board. Greg Galluccio is what Warwick needs at this time.

    James Morley

    Village of Warwick