Words from Warwick, a public art project from and for the community

Warwick. This is Wickham Works’ latest effort to bring people together through the shared experiences of art making.

| 26 Jun 2020 | 02:54

In early May, the folks at Wichham Works were pondering how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine and social distancing.

How do members of our community connect when they can’t meet up, can’t be with friends and family during this time of societal upheaval?

What if there could be a public art display that could span the divide?

The written word and art-making are two powerful tools we humans have to connect to each other and feel less alone.

Commissioned art work

The non-profit arts organization is pleased to announce “Words from Warwick” which brings those tools together in a “drive-by” or “walk-by” exhibition to reconnect our community through public art.

As part of Words from Warwick, Wickham Works has commissioned local artists Karen Decher, Nicole Hixon, Heidi Lanino, Linda Mensch, Aurora Robson, Cody Rounds, Amy Lewis Sweetman and Deb Zimmerman to create their own works of word art that will be exhibited at Lewis Park, Railroad Green and Stanley-Deming Park.

Artworks will be on display Aug. 15 through the 29.

Virtual works and make-alongs

And, this summer, everyone — individuals, families, businesses— is invited to make-along with Wickham Works’ series of Virtual Workshops and create artworks that incorporate a word or words. Artwork can be displayed in people’s yards, porches or windows.

The artist-led workshops will run from July 13 to Aug. 9. They are designed to inspire and teach new skills and demonstrate creative reuse of recyclables and found objects.

Workshops are for all ages, no experience necessary.

The workshops are free but registration is required.

More details at WickhamWorks.Org.


Wickham Works is a non-profit community maker space based at the Warwick Valley Community Center. We believe that creative place-making is a core component of a strong community. We produce public art events and offer free making workshops to all ages. Our guiding principle is creative reuse - the repurposing of materials to make art - which we embed in all our activities, spreading the message of environmental sustainability by example.