Warwick. Encore for ‘A Day in the Life’ at the library

| 04 Mar 2023 | 01:11

    After a very well-received premier program back in November, there will be a second presentation of the We The People Warwick’s “A Day in the Life” on March 18 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Albert Wisner Public Library, 1 McFarland Drive in Warwick.

    These programs invite three local residents, each with a fascinating job or activity that is also an intriguing passion, to share what they do, why it resonates so deeply with them, and why it may easily resonate with audience members as well.

    The line up for the event includes:

    Nick Clark is a certified athletic trainer and a specialist on back pain. who grew up in Warwick and has a thriving practice here. Rather than trying to manage pain with, drugs, injections or surgery, Clark searches for the source of pain and helps people learn strategies to avoid it.

    Anbu Vasudevan is a chef and caterer extraordinaire specializing in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Originally from Malaysia, she has lived in Warwick for five years. Her cooking has made her feel more connected to the community and allowed its members to feel more connected with her and with each other.

    David Schiff has combined two life-long passions — playing guitar and woodworking — into a fascinating activity: He’s now a guitar maker, a luthier, who makes beautiful guitars in his Warwick workshop.

    The public is invited to get a peek into “A Day in the Life” of some of their fascinating neighbors, ask some questions, and possibly enrich their own lives in some unexpected way. To sign up, call the library at 845-986-1047 Ext. 3, or log onto https://www.albertwisnerlibrary.org/content/we-people-presents-day-life.