Warwick. A stirring history and celebration of saving open space in Warwick

| 24 Aug 2023 | 01:25

On Thursday, Sept. 7, Professor Emeritus Richard Hull will provide a lecture and an exhibition of 150 dazzling color photographs of conserved local farmland by the late John L. Stage, a Warwick native and internationally known photographer, at the Warwick Town Hall at 132 Kings Highway.

Hull, official Town Historian and author of numerous works on the town, will trace the origins and evolution of serious land use issues, how the community successfully mobilized to deal with them, and the tools and strategies they developed to preserve and protect lands that affected local agriculture, wildlife habitats and water and scenic resources.

Special attention will be given to the impact of such key programs as the “Purchase of Development Rights” (PDR) and the Community Preservation Fund (CPF).

John Stage’s fascinating photos will cover the dozens of farmlands that have benefitted from the innovative PDR/CPF programs.

A few of the photos will include works by other prominent local photographers such as Nick Zungoli.

Opening night will be Thursday, Sept. 7, from 7 to 9 p.m., and available for public view during weekdays to 4 p.m. through Oct. 11.

Photos: Courtesy John L. Stage: Al Buckbee farm looking north to the Sugar Loaf mountain complex.

Harvesting hay on the Mabee and Wisner Buckbee farms. Photos courtesy of the John L. Stage family.