Village of Warwick named a Tree City, USA for the 37th consecutive year

Warwick. Arbor Day ceremony held in Hallowed Ground park adjacent to Galloway Road.

| 03 May 2021 | 01:47

On Friday, April 30, first grade children, Principal Bill Biniaris and teachers from Park Avenue Elementary School gathered in the Hallowed Ground park, home to the original Baptist Meeting House and burial grounds adjacent to Galloway Road and Forester Avenue.

They were there to celebrate Arbor Day and the planting of four trees including an Ivory Silk, a Lilac and two Tulip tress.

Guest speaker Patricia Reinhardt, chair of the Arbor Day Committee, a former schoolteacher and member of the Warwick Valley Gardeners, spoke about the origins of the celebration and how the idea, which quickly spread throughout the country, was first observed in Nebraska in 1872.

‘Why not hug a tree?’

She told the children that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago but the second best time is now and later, read her poem, “Why not hug a tree today.”

Praising the members of the DPW and the Shade Tree Commission for keeping the village beautiful, Reinhardt said: “Look how lucky we are to live in Warwick?”

She then asked the children to name some benefits that we receive from trees. The variety of all correct answers included fresh air, a home for birds and animals, paper, houses, beauty and shade.

Mayor Michael Newhard introduced other officials present and reported that for the 37th consecutive year Warwick had been named a “Tree City, USA.” The designation is awarded by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

To be designated as a Tree City, USA

According to the National Garden Bureau, designation as a Tree City, USA is an asset to any town or village. So are a vital shade tree commission, an inventory of trees, a tree planting and replacement policy and a preservation program. The Village of Warwick qualifies in all areas.

Village Shade Tree Commissioner Rob Scheuermann welcomed the school children and explained the virtues of the new trees.

Newhard invited all the children to line up and take turns shoveling some soil to help plant the new trees.

And finally they lined up as Craig Wadeson from Wadeson’s Home Center, handed out evergreens donated by his company.

- Roger Gavan