Woglom family remodels their custom home construction company

Warwick. The custom home construction company that Thom Woglom began 30 years ago has been taken on and developed by his son and daughter since his death. They recently reopened the company as partners.

| 18 Jul 2022 | 12:14

The company that Thom Woglom started after his 1986 beginnings in custom home construction has evolved since his death in 2020. His children, David and Bonnie, took on his venture, working to develop a custom home building team. This year David and Bonnie decided to close Thom Woglom Construction LLC and open Woglom Construction LLC as partners.

David had been working with his father since childhood, learning the trades and becoming a skilled carpenter. After college, David returned to Warwick to work full time with Thom, as a father and son team. Bonnie went on to a career in corporate construction after graduating from college. However, after a few years, she left her career in corporate construction and came back to work for Thom Woglom Construction LLC.

Now the brother-sister team and their team look to further their father’s legacy with a slightly revamped look. They thank their family, their crew and their father. They recently had a ribbon-cutting for their reconfigured company.