Star school buses at Monroe-Woodbury

| 21 Mar 2022 | 05:43

Each month, the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District recognizes school buses where students demonstrate characteristics deemed by the district to be those of a “true Crusader: respectful, compassionate and well behaved.” These buses, say administrators, represent a collaborative effort by students, drivers and attendants who work as a team to keep the bus safe.

March honorees:

Smith Clove - Bus #602

Driver Susan Amanatides says, ”They listen to my rules. They get on the bus, buckle their belts, and wait for me to cross them. They are so well behaved and treat one another with respect.”

On M-W Middle School Bus #535

Driver Bill McDonnell says, ”They follow instructions as well as the safety rules, and have no issues with behavior. They show respect to their peers, driver, and attendant. It’s a pleasure having these students on the bus.”