Your Valley View memories wanted for history book

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:11

    To the Editor: I am writing a history and salute to our Valley View Nursing Center in Goshen, and I am asking for personal recollections from those who know Valley View as it is today and those who know it from years ago. Because Valley View is about people, and because history lives when seen through the eyes of real people and their experiences and stories, a large part of the book is planned to be the interview section. As change for Valley View approaches, we must document Valley View’s past in the words of the people who knew her best: you who have visited loved ones there, war veterans and senior civilians; you who have worked there; you who have rehabilitated there; and you who live there now as a new page in history is being turned. I hope that you will want to share a lasting impression of your experience at Valley View, be it a simple remembrance about a particular event or person; or a factual, detail-driven strong opinion piece. Whether you write a paragraph or a page, your thoughts will add to the strength of the book. The more details you include, the better. Readers want to be in the experience with you, to see and hear the person, place, thing or activity you are writing about. Photographs and original art are wonderful additions. The guidelines are: First, identify yourself, your contact mail or phone, and your connection to Valley View. Next, think about these three major areas to help you focus your thoughts: 1. Personal feelings about kindness, respect, activities, relationships with other residents, feeing safe; 2. Atmosphere and comfort about cleanliness, housekeeping, meals, staff friendliness and responsiveness, cheery day/quiet night, gift shop, laundry, barber, beauty parlor; 3. Services offered: medical, social work, therapy. Last, write your story. Telling the real story of Valley View from its beginnings in 1830, using historical documents, insiders stories, media coverage, and political savvy has begun. Join in and be a part of the process of creating the book. I look forward to receiving your handwritten or typed story by regular mail or email. Please telephone to arrange a date, if you are more comfortable with a personal interview. Myrna Kemnitz, Orange County Legislator District 7, Monroe