Why 'we will vote for Michael Sweeton'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:17

    Michael Sweeton’s strong track record as Town Supervisor warrants another term. • As long time Village residents, we appreciate Michael’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the relationship between the Villages and the Town including the innovative inter-municipal agreements. • Michael is open and accommodating to public input. In the Route 94 zoning and development process, he held public forums to gather ideas from the community. • His focus on good planning has resulted in preserved open space, expanded recreation facilities and preservation of critical environmental areas. • He saw the value of county initiatives and took advantage by expanding Dial A Bus service which is crucial to many residents in this difficult economy. • He is a leader who knows how to compromise so that all of our residents are well served. To assure that Greenwood Lake residents could profit from the PDR program, he expanded the concept to include recreation. The swimming beach is very popular. • He stays current with new initiatives and ideas and participates in county-wide organizations; for example, he is a valued member of the Orange County Planning Board. We will vote for Michael Sweeton. Susan and Roger Metzger Warwick