'We need leaders we can trust'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:37

    On Nov. 8, voters in Warwick have the opportunity to keep our town moving in a positive direction. Michael Sweeton, Jim Gerstner, Russ Kowal and Nancy DeAngelo are a proven winning team for Warwick. Each of these candidates has worked tirelessly for the Town of Warwick and has shown consistent, dependable leadership. Supervisor Sweeton and Councilman Gerstner have worked together to retain the beauty of Warwick through the protection of 2,800 acres of open space and made major improvements to parks and recreational areas throughout our villages, all the while, balancing the budget, efficiently streamlining services, and maintaining a stable tax rate. Russ Kowal aims to join them on the Town Board, bringing with him, valuable knowledge from his years on the Zoning Board and the Planning Board, as well as his deep commitment and connections to the needs of the farming community and Pine Island residents. Judge DeAngelo will continue to serve the community with integrity. Her commitment to the safety of the citizens is evident not only though her legal and judicial expertise, but also in her 23 years of service as a volunteer EMT with the Greenwood Lake Ambulance Corps. In these times of economic uncertainty, we need accountable, responsible leaders. We need leaders we can trust. Join me in voting for Sweeton, Gerstner, Kowal and DeAngelo. John Barczak Jr. Village of Florida trustee