Warwick Valley Gardeners say 'Thank you'

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:49

On behalf of the Warwick Valley Gardeners, I would like to thank all of the people who were involved in creating the Butterfly Garden/Habitat at the Pine Island Park. When we decided to take on this garden, we thought it would be a club activity. But it became a wonderful community project. So many people came forward wanting to be a part of it. First, Cathy Garofalo, club member and landscape designer, stepped forward and offered to design the garden. It was very important that the garden be completed before the end of the school year so the children from the Pine Island School would be able to attend the dedication. Without the men of the Warwick Parks Department - Bill Roe, Dave Rudy, Mike Holt and Ken Feagles - we would never have met that deadline. Jane Hamburger, principal of the Pine Island School, offered the plants and other garden memorabilia from the school butterfly garden so they would forever be in Pine Island. When I put out the call for help in digging out the plants at the school, members of the club and Girl Scout troop 787 were there with shovels in hand. Shannon Hockswender a teacher from Kids Club House because she worked on the stepping stone with the kids The members of the 4H club offered to plant annuals throughout the garden. Last, but not least, Carol Lahti, Shannon Hockswender and the children of the Kids Club House created 25 two-foot by two-foot cement pavers for the pathways through the garden. Each paver has children’s hand and footprints in the shapes of butterflies, pressed into the blocks, then painted bright colors. It makes the garden truly special. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit this garden and enjoy the beauty of this great park. Thanks again to all, Mary Pohlman Vice President, Warwick Valley Gardeners