Warwick residents: Help is needed

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:34

    If this got your attention, it served its purpose. Watching a broadcast of the village board meeting on Nov. 21, they discussed a problem facing the maintenance crews in the village. The aftermath of Hurricane Irene, plus an early heavy snow, left tons of downed limbs and branches of debris. Normally, this is the season for leaf bag pickup. For the crews, being short of manpower, the task of handling both is overwhelming. But, if everyone could pitch in and bring their leap bags to the park, it could alleviate part of the problem and allow them to focus on the debris. With winter right around the bend, it can’t wait: So please do your part. In the spirit of the season, the best form of giving is when you give of yourself. You’ll feel good and also help the community maintain its beauty which we all appreciate. So, come on, do your stuff and get the leaf bags to the park now. It’s open. Suzanne Stanton Warwick