Warmth, caring and beauty

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:15

    We would like to express our heart-felt thanks to everyone who donated their time, expertise and hard earned money to support us and all the local farmers. The amount of money raised was impressive but the thought of so many of our neighbors caring enough to give was the most heart-touching part of it all. We would also like to thank all of those who went out of their way to come patronize us by buying whatever they needed and even things they didn’t need. To those of you who made anonymous donations, a heart-felt thanks. It was all noticed and greatly appreciated. We have lived in Warwick our whole lives and have always been on the giving side of the equation. It is very humbling to be on the receiving side. This is why so many people pass through our community only to return to set roots. Warwick exudes warmth, caring and beauty. This disaster has proved to us that if we all would become more conscious of shopping locally and buying American for everything we need it would only make our community and country stronger. So let’s all vow to continue this community support in 2012. Gratefully, Bob and Sally Scheuermann Scheuermann Farms and Greenhouses Warwick