Vote for Michael Sweeton, Jim Gerstner, Russ Kowal and Nancy DeAngelo

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:17

    Please join me in voting for Michael Sweeton, Jim Gerstner, Russell Kowal and Nancy DeAngelo on Nov. 8. Michael Sweeton has proven time and again that he is perfectly suited to guide our community through difficult times. He has helped us weather many storms - from the tumultuous economy to the winds and water of Irene. I am confident that, with his leadership, the Town of Warwick can withstand all that may cross our path. As Town Councilman and Deputy Supervisor, Jimmy Gerstner has proven since his appointment in 1999 and subsequent re-elections that he will wear as many hats as needed to get the job done. His passion for this town is evident and his capacity to help is never ending. We are lucky to have both Jimmy and Michael on our side. Russell Kowal has thrown his hat into the ring to represent the residents of Pine Island on the Town Board. As a life-long resident of Warwick with a long-standing commitment to the farmers of Pine Island, his contribution to the board will be significant. As Town Justice, Nancy DeAngelo has proven her devotion to the Town of Warwick and her desire to communicate with anyone who comes before her to ensure that all residents are treated fairly and with compassion. Sincerely, Eileen Patterson Warwick