Thanks for your support

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:15

    We would like to thank the people who supported our campaign for Warwick Town Board. We were really heartened by how many people supported us, in many different ways. Our dedicated campaign committee organized meet and greets, fund raisers, letters, phone banking, ads, literature, a FaceBook page, lawn signs and a get-out-the vote effort. The committee was also assisted by several advisors who helped develop and deliver a campaign message. More than 60 families donated to the campaign, and/or wrote letters to the editor in support and more than 100 families hosted lawn signs in support. We truly thank these generous supporters along with each and every person that voted for us. We also would like to congratulate Jimmy Gerstner and Russ Kowal on their election to the Board. Kurt Emmerich Bill Olsen Warwick