Thank you to the bus drivers of the Warwick Valley School District

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:20

    Sometime ago I read there would be a Bus Driver Recognition Day. At that time I wanted to write a “Thank You” to the Bus Drivers to be published in the local newspapers to let the bus drivers of our school district know how much they are appreciated in transporting our district children safely to school and back to their homes each day. Now after the two storms that we have experienced in our area, first hurricane “Irene” and the latest, the northeastern storm, that dumped up to 18 inches of snow in the area, causing havoc for everyone, it is time to say “thank you bus drivers” for what you do every school day. When they are instructed to move out, it is the drivers who hold the safety of our children in their hands. We are thankful for the caring and concern that the bus drivers provide for each and every child to keep them safe under such difficult conditions. . When you pass a school bus, give a thought to the bus driver and even give them a wave to let them know you do appreciate all they do. Joan Putnam Warwick