Teaching from the heart

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:43

    We would like to commend Mr. Denis Petrilak, the principal of Tuxedo High School, and his staff for preparing a very impressive and moving Memorial Day Ceremony. We were honored to be at the school’s memorial service for fallen U.S. Marine Scott Lynch (a graduate of Tuxedo High) and the dedication of a memorial plaque naming four other alumni and staff who gave their lives while serving our country (Specialist 4th Class Samuel Morrow, Sgt. Joseph Smith, Sgt. Eric Nicholson and 1st Lt. Louis Allen). By taking time out of the school day to assembly the entire student body, faculty, staff, the soldiers’ families and community members, Mr. Petrilak taught his students some very valuable lessons that cannot be tested, graded and ranked by the New York State Regents. Lessons in dedication, honor, loyalty, and service were taught through the stories of the fallen soldiers and, hopefully, will never be forgotten by the students in his charge. Mr. Petrilak and Tuxedo High School did some exemplary teaching from the heart. Leon J. Pianka Warwick