‘Support Rabbitt's crusade against sexual predators'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    To the editor: Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt has been working tirelessly in Albany for a special session of the Assembly to consider and vote on civil confinement legislation that would allow for institutionalizing high-risk sex offenders after their prison sentences end. Civil confinement is a common-sense measure that would allow judges to order the worst sex offenders held in secure mental health facilities beyond their prison release dates if, upon evaluation, there is significant reason to believe they may strike again. Under current law, sexually violent predators are free to rejoin society after serving their sentences despite the strong possibility they will offend again. I urge my friends and neighbors to join Annie Rabbitt’s fight for passage of this legislation. Show her you support her in this endeavor by calling her office, signing her civil confinement petition, or contacting Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at 518-455-3791 to let him know you disapprove of his refusal to pass this bill. A civil confinement law would protect all New Yorkers from these vile perverts. I believe it needs to be passed immediately. Please join me in supporting Annie Rabbitt’s crusade against violent sexual predators. Sincerely, Linda Dubin Florida