Support for Spencer

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

    To the editor: As a constituent in Warwick, I received a letter from County Legislator Lambros outlining his accomplishments for the 8th Legislative District. In order to be an informed voter for this year’s election, I went to the county’s Web site - - and found out that Mr. Lambros: Voted for property tax increases; voted for the sales tax increase; and voted again to extend it; did not vote for the elimination of the fee for the county’s veterans cemetery until the Republicans were embarrassed by the Democrats (this issue was championed by the Democrats under the leadership of Democratic Minority Leader Anthony Marino); was not the leader against the KJ pipeline. The leaders were County Legislators Roxanne Donnery (Democrat) and Frank Fornario (Republican). I also researched Councilman Noel Spencer’s record. He will aggressively work to restore the sales tax to the 2003 level; push legislation to end the double library tax in Sugar Loaf and have an open, responsible and accountable county government. Vote for change on Nov. 8. Ralph Nieves Warwick