Support for Pastor Arnold

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:38

    Well, it appears that Pastor Johann Christopher Arnold has ruffled a feather or two, or three. I for one wish to commend Pastor Johann for doing what many of his fellow clergymen have lost the stomach for: Standing up for his faith and speaking his mind! Quite the Viewpoint this week, I have to say. Have you considered changing the name of this section to Leftist opinions on parade? You do your publication a terrible disservice when you take a topic so vitally crucial to our existence as a community and taint it so blatantly with your bias. As you cater to the cry of intolerance from one side, you turn a complete deaf ear to the rights of the other. The same side that screams foul for not being accepted turns around and viciously assails the other for simply holding the conviction of their faith,. The municipal clerks who resigned did not attack anyone. They simply stepped aside as a matter of personal conscience, and in so doing they themselves came under vicious assault. And if you don’t believe me, just Google any of their names and you will see the internet assaults for yourself. So let’s see, in these two pages we have “God did not write the bible” from Bob (Thanks, Bob, I always wondered about that!), “A strong moral code does not need a God” from The Pragmatic Atheist (very reassuring P.A. Please show us the evidence of one’s existence!).This from the same sage who gave us “Marriage like God is a human invention.” Meanwhile, Nan Hayworth is going to hell for doing what the voters elected her to do, according to Mr. Stevens? I’m sorry, but with all due respect, society could use a little more courage of conviction, not less. Chip Murray Warwick