Sommer will meet ‘the community's needs'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: We are voting for Janne Sommer for Legislator. Having known her for many years we know that she is a real people person. She is actively involved as a volunteer in the community, such as with the Lions and the Winslow Therapeutic Center. Janne is one of the most caring people we know - easy to talk with and always available to help someone in need. Janne grew up in Northern Ireland. In addition to being an attorney, she has been an educator, teaching in several places around the globe. This has made her very aware of cultural differences and sensitive to intercultural concerns. You can trust Janne to work toward meeting the needs of our community and all our citizens. One way she expects to do this is by proposing legislation that would prevent sprawl and help farmers maintain their properties. She would also work to assist farmers to sell more of their products locally, thus helping them save on the high cost of fuel. Please join us in voting for Janne Sommer for Orange County Legislator. Dave and Eva Meyer Warwick