Sommer will bring 'both heart and head to the job'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the editor: Add my name to the long list of individuals writing to indicate their support for Janne Sommer, who is currently running for the Orange County Legislature. Janne has been a tireless supporter of community activities in Warwick. Most recently, she has served as a board member and volunteer with Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center, as well as secretary of the Lions Club, but these are only the latest activities in a long history of community involvement. As a practicing attorney and former English teacher, she brings a combination of concern for others and understanding of the law, both heart and head, to the job. Most importantly from my perspective, no matter what the occasion or need, Janne is always there. She is a constant presence at events in our community. That sort of availability is both refreshing and desirable in our legislators, and I know Janne is committed to making communication with constituents her highest priority. I hope you will all vote for access to our legislators, and elect Janne Sommer to the County Legislature. Bob McGrath Warwick