Sommer makes her case for legislature

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: My name is Janne Sommer and I am running for Orange County Legislature in the Third Legislative District. The people of this county are struggling with high taxes, unplanned growth and loss of good paying jobs. Our quality of life is being eroded. Too many of our citizens have to travel to New York City or New Jersey to make a living. Small businesses are closing because of high taxation and undercutting by big box stores. Our seniors are being forced to move away and we have no affordable housing for our young people. Our families are being torn apart. It is time that the voters of Orange County have a voice in the future of our county. We can do better. We can roll back our taxes with controlled spending. We can reduce sprawl and preserve open space by supporting our farms. We can support a “Buy Local” campaign to sustain farmers and local businesses. We can insist on affordable housing instead of McMansions. We can stop the exodus of jobs that pay a living wage and make Orange County an attractive place to do business. We can provide affordable housing for our young people and seniors. We live here because we love this county. Nov. 8 is the time to shape its future. I ask for your support to move this county forward into the Twenty First Century. Janne Sommer Warwick