Saving a dog

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:47

    We would like to thank those kind-hearted people who joined with us to rescue a young dog who was running loose on Maple Avenue yesterday during the storm. We spotted the dog running wildly in the heavy rain and pulled over to try to get her off the road. Several other people stopped and joined in, including Veronica, a custodian at Warwick Valley High, who was on her way to work. She had left her car door open when she came to assist and finally the dog jumped inside. Another woman generously gave us a granola bar to tempt the dog, which the animal ate. A third woman handed a leash out of her vehicle window (the dog was wearing a collar with tags but no id). The dog would not let anyone near her inside the car as she was terrified. A brave young man driving a truck stopped and was able to reach into the car and attach the leash to the dog’s collar. He also contacted the Humane Society. Next to thank are the helpful Warwick police officers, who arrived on the scene having been notified that there had been an auto accident. They checked that the Warwick Valley Humane Society was en route and remained with us until the WVHS drove up. Knowing that the dog was safe, we took our leave. It was heartwarming to experience how caring people can be and we hope that Veronica’s boss understood why she was late and thanked her for being such a good citizen. Mary and John Galbraith Warwick