Russ Kowal 'will bring true representation to ... our community'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:42

    I am writing to express my support to Russ Kowal for Councilman for the Warwick Town Board. Russ has years of experience in Warwick leadership. He served on the Warwick Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board. He is also a leader in the farming community, having been past president of the Farm Bureau and the Vegetable Growers Association. The farming community is such a vital part of Warwick’s cultural heritage and economic health. As a small business owner and farmer and former president of the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce, Russ knows the struggles that the farmers face each season. He will bring true representation to a large cross section of our community. Please support Russ Kowal for Councilman. Dominick Palumbi III Greenwood Lake