Russ Kowal is 'the right choice' for Warwick

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:56

    I am writing to express support for Russ Kowal in his bid for Town Councilman in the upcoming election. While Russ may be new to the political circle of Warwick, he is a lifetime resident of Warwick and brings with him his knowledge of what the town needs and his deep love and appreciation for all that Warwick has to offer. His background as an onion farmer makes Russ uniquely positioned to understand the needs of businesses in the community, as well as a keen awareness of the needs of the precious land and environment that is at the core of Warwick’s beauty and bounty. Russ has been a member of the Planning Board and has long been an advocate for farm preservation and the efforts of PDR. As the sole proprietor of a business, Russ understands the impact that government on a business and has a healthy appreciation and awareness of how government can best serve the business and residential community as a whole. Russ Kowal will be an asset to the local government of Warwick and his kind and gentle demeanor coupled with his love of Warwick and knowledge of the town’s needs makes him the right choice in this year’s election. Sincerely, Jane Kunzweiler Warwick