Political 'diversity is evident' in Warwick

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:49

    I am writing this in response to several letters which have appeared in the past few weeks. The letters imply that Warwick is being unfairly ruled by a one-party system. Further, these letters imply that political parties are monolithic in nature, allowing for no diversity of thought and that somehow democracy has been thwarted and that greater diversity in our local government can be measured only by party affiliation. My view is that democracy and diversity are both alive and well in Warwick. The government of Warwick has 21 boards and committees which consist of appointed members. At no time are appointees asked about their political views or to which party they are registered. During my tenure on the Planning Board, and previously on the Conservation Board, I have worked with many members of the other committees, including one of the candidates supported by these letter writers. We come from all walks of life and bring with us many different political views from different political parties. Diversity is evident. As for democracy, it is working exactly as intended. Democracy stems from a Greek word which translates to the meaning, “rule of the people.” The supervisor, councilmen, and justice are all elected positions. The current elected officials were chosen, by the people, at the voting booths, and, they chose well. Michael Sweeton, the town board and the town justice were chosen by the people for their skilled and proven leadership. The system is working as it should. During these difficult times, why would anyone choose to mess with success? I will vote for Sweeton, Gerstner, Kowal and DeAngelo because they are the best choice for Warwick. Dennis McConnell Warwick