Please be a good neighbor

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:34

    My partners and I recently opened a shop on Main Street in the 1810 House. The house is situated in Lewis Park which is bounded by Main, Church and High streets in the Village. While Lewis Park is owned and maintained by the Warwick Historical Society, it is open to the public and families and local kids make good use of this beautiful setting. Unfortunately there are some dog owners who live on High and Church streets who use the park to let their dogs relieve themselves. On Tuesday a maintenance crew came to clean up the rest of the fall leaves. There was so much dog poop on the High Street side that the crew could not properly clean up. The maintenance crew saw a woman come out of her High Street residence with two dogs, take them across the street into the park where they did their duty. She didn’t clean up after them. This has been an ongoing problem in the park. The Society has to send out a dog poop patrol before each event in the park to make sure it is clean. Young families with children use the park on a daily basis. It is inconsiderate, a health hazard and actually illegal to not clean up after your dog. The fine is considerable. The signs are posted in the park. Please be a good neighbor. Sheila Warner Warwick