| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:52

    Recently, St. Anthony Community Hospital was ranked in the top 15 percentile in the nation for patient experience. The rating is done through patient surveys and St. Anthony is the only hospital in New York to place in the top 10 percent for excellent patient experience in 2010/11. No small feat! What does this mean? Well, of course, it represents satisfied patients, but more importantly it tells us what an extraordinary health facility we have right here. Patient satisfaction begins with the very first interaction. It is the helpful reception desk, the sign in staff, the nurses, doctors, aides, volunteers, lab techs, x-ray techs, physical therapy specialists, the administration, the ER and the list goes on. Their unified goal is for patients to feel at ease and to help resolve health issues no matter how challenging. We are lucky to have a hospital of this caliber. In a world of colossal and impersonal health care facilities, our St. Anthony stands out like a jewel and the word community in its title takes on special meaning. Much of it, maybe most of it has to do with the attention to detail and the empathetic and highly professional staff. There is a soul here that is missing in most places. There is an understanding that a warm hand, a smile and words of assurance are all part of a positive interaction and also part of healing. I applaud you - every participant that makes St. Anthony a success. It makes us realize how good you are, how fortunate we are and the true depth of your dedication and purpose. Mayor Michael J. Newhard Village of Warwick