Open letter to all volunteers

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:17

    My wife and I would like to thank all the volunteers that gave up a weekend with their family to help other residents of Warwick to cope with the hurricane. Words can’t express the feeling that you have when strangers ring your door bell or knock on your door on Sunday morning about 7 a.m. and inform you that your apartment complex was under mandatory evacuation and you must leave. They informed us that a bus would take us to the Middle School which was the designated shelter. As we closed and locked the door, we were filled with apprehension. We didn’t know what to expect. Upon arrival at the middle school we were met by Dr. Bryant, some of his staff and several other Town and Village volunteers. Dr. Bryant briefed us on the situation, as it was at that time, and continued to brief us through the day. He and the volunteers assigned to the school were everywhere, taking a personal interest in each one of us, making sure that all our needs were met. They couldn’t do enough for us. Within in minutes, our apprehensions disappeared. The food was excellent and the company good. Time flew. Fortunately, the situation changed late in the afternoon when Irene left on its way and we were able to go home. How can we thank all you, the many volunteers, complete strangers to us, who provided such caring help to us during the storm. We wish we could meet each one of you again, shake your hand, give you a big bear hug and tell you that we will never forget your kindness for helping us through a trying time. May God bless you. A special thank to Town Supervisor Sweeton and Mayor Newhard for taking time out from their official duties on Sunday to check to see how we were doing during the day. Anna and Gene Casey Warwick PS: to Dr. Bryant and his staff: Let us know if you ever decide to open a hotel or vacation resort. We will be your first customers.