Olsen and Emmerich 'are visionary, practical and hardworking'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:56

    Warwick is a visionary community: Summer Arts Festival, PDR, the Historical Society, Community 2000, Sustainable Warwick, the Great Backyard Chicken Initiative. Great initiatives founded on great vision. Great work as well. Tireless organizing, fund raising, dedication. That’s what Bill Olsen has given us all. The Hallowed Ground Park. Can we imagine a strip mall there? Bill, as president of the Warwick Conservancy, led the effort. The Railroad Green is another example. Bill led on these purchases. That is vision into reality. Kurt Emmerich has led with vision on the Board of Education. To be president of the Board is to be front and center of community debate on the education and wellbeing of our children, our future. Kurt handled his leadership responsibilities with remarkable wisdom, understanding and kindness. Twelve years on the board, three as president. Let the numbers sink in. We are now rebuilding our economies. The best rateable is education. A regional food economy will become more important than Wall St. or D.C. Mother Nature will set the agenda. The prison closing is an opportunity. Bill Olsen has been a senior scientist and worked in biotechnology. Kurt Emmerich is a civil/environmental engineer. They are visionary, practical and hardworking. Thank you. Everett Cox Warwick