No representation? I beg to differ

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:56

    As a Democrat and a Warwick resident, I am very disheartened after having read recent letters which have inaccurately characterized the current Town Board. The letters stated that the current Town Board rules with a closed policy that does not consider the needs or opinions of its citizens unless they are of the same political party. The writers of the letters had used partisan politics to try to advance their cause. We are a town, a tight-knit town where there is no room for politics - it comes down to taxes and maintaining quality representation and this board has done a phenomenal job taking care of both. As a Democrat residing in the Town of Warwick, I can tell you that my needs are represented. Michael Sweeton and the current Town Board have done a great job in difficult times. They have kept a stable tax rate, spent my tax dollars wisely and responsibly, and added tremendous quality of life through parks improvements and saving thousands of acres of pristine countryside. I noticed that the letters in support of the Republicans have been positive, pointing to the candidates’ skills and qualifications. Not one has used partisan politics or negativity to attack their opposition. When I cast my vote, I choose who will do the best job. This year, this Democrat is proudly voting for Sweeton, Gerstner and Kowal because politics aside, I expect positive results and we’ve seen proven leadership lead to positive results from our Town Board. Kelley Gerhardt Warwick