Your voice is needed

| 09 Nov 2017 | 06:47

    Change and growth are words that can make people nervous, especially when it’s unknown as to how their lives and communities will be impacted.
    That said, change and growth are coming to the Warwick Valley whether we want it or not.
    We need to ask ourselves: Do we approach “change and growth” strategically and intentionally?
    Or do we leave things alone and let things change haphazardly or without a shared vision of what “change and growth” should look like?
    Also, while it’s important to protect and maintain what we have, and to identify the things we need and want, nothing comes without a price.
    That is what the Town of Warwick Visioning process is about.
    It’s about prioritizing goals and creating a plan on how we manage “change and growth” going forward.
    This is what will be discussed at our up-coming “Community Voices” meetings. The meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Warwick, Florida, Greenwood Lake and everyone in our outlying hamlets. It's about your future.
    Become engaged in the process and attend. The schedule for the Community Voices workshops can be found at
    Tony Trimarco
    Greenwood Lake Chamber of Commerce
    Co-chair, Visioning Steering Committee