Your neighborhood could be next

| 17 Aug 2017 | 07:16

    You may not know what this is about, or be terribly interested in it if you do; however, don't think it doesn't relate to you or will affect your family, home value and your life.
    What happens with this Elm Street project will give us a big clue of how our village plans to grow.
    What kind of a place will you raise your children or perhaps enjoy retirement? Nothing stays the same. We want and expect growth and changes. We assume it should be for the good. It should bring a better way of life for all, especially here in a village where we chose to live and raise our families.
    The parcel of land off Elm Street is zoned for light commercial. Does the following proposal fit that description:
    • A 3,600 square foot restaurant with two outdoor decks;
    • A 90-seat bar and 35 table seating;
    • Opened until 1 a.m.;
    • Music in and outdoors.
    The restaurant is located behind and between one of Warwick's oldest village neighborhoods. In some places the building will be as close as 25 feet from backyards where children grew up playing and hopefully, present and future families children should be able to do the same.
    Will these small streets be able to handle the traffic?
    Will children still be safe on their bikes and skateboards?
    A 90-seat bar doesn't only serve Coca-Cola.
    If this project is approved, the noise and disruption during the building process will be an "acoustic attack."
    If and when completed it will be the same from the music, people, exhausts, cars and motorcycles coming and going, etc. etc. etc.
    It doesn't belong there ,morally and is questionably legal (light commercial?).
    Could such a large restaurant not find a location a mile or so out of the village?
    I am not against eating, drinking and having a good time, but please take a moment and count the bars in this little village and add the new one being renovated now.
    If you have not seen the actual location of this proposed restaurant, best seen from Van Buren Street or West Street, please allow us to show it to you. You will not believe it. We truly think you will understand our very deep concerns.
    Please view on FaceBook the following: search “Not in our Neighborhood” please scroll down to video. We can be reached for a walk-through at email:
    David and Susan Dworkin