Your love for the Korean people will forever be in our heart

| 22 Jun 2017 | 02:30

To our heroes:
In the calm morning on June 25, 1950, the specter of communism and a murderous invasion from the North Korea haunted the country.
For the great cause of freedom, peace, you shed blood, sweat and tears that soaked the rivers of Nakdong and Imgin, and that spread on the streets after streets, hills after hills, mountains over mountains.
The torch of freedom you highly lifted on the soil of Korean Peninsula found the right cause for
A flower of democracy and today’s economic prosperity to be fully blossoming, turning
The forgotten war into the victorious and honorable one.
Your heroic sacrifice for freedom and security made south Korea rise like a phoenix from
The ashes of the bloody battlefield.
Dear our beloved veterans!
Thanks to your noble sacrifice, the forgotten war transformed the deserted South Korea into a sparkling
City on the sunny hill on earth.
We Koreans are honored to spread the grace the Lord gave us around the world, and determined
To carry high the torch of freedom you ignited 67 years ago.
Your salvation, love, and compassion for Korean people, home and abroad, will forever be in our deep heart.
Let God bless veterans, alive and in Heaven ! God bless Korea and America!
Oh, precious freedom and democracy forever and forever.
Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee, First Vice-President
KWVA Orange County Chapter 202
Commissioner of Human Rights, Orange County, N.Y.