‘You can not unite if you constantly try to divide’

| 26 Jan 2021 | 04:23

    In your little disclaimer banner for “Letters to the Editor,” you reserve the right to edit for punctuation, libel, civility and grammar. I have read letters over the years printed in The Warwick Advertiser and was always impressed by the beautiful grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    But this is truly a first: I am in complete agreement with the letter entitled “This is wrong,” but I am in absolute amazement the editor would go so far as to not correct any grammar, punctuation or misspelling.

    Other letters printed through the years have had impeccable grammar and we all know that mistakes or typos from the letter writers were corrected.

    So what happened this time?

    Could it be a political, far left ploy to make some type of accusatory judgment upon the letter writer? Possibly indicative of a Trump supporter?

    We now have a president who is tearing down the borders and giving 11 million undocumented asylum.

    Answer this: If one of those immigrants happen to write the editor of The Warwick Advertiser and express their admiration for this country, I can guarantee the editor’s grammar correcting skills will suddenly be awakened.

    The new administration and their followers speak of peace and unity. Sounds like the letter writer wants the same so how about The Warwick Advertiser giving it a try?

    You can not unite if you constantly try to divide.

    Lynn Wottring


    Editor’s note:

    Ms. Wottring,

    Thank you for both the compliment about our routine editing of “Letters to the Editor” and for taking us to task about the haphazard job we did with “This is wrong” in our Jan. 23 edition.

    This letter fell through the cracks edit-wise and we regret the error.

    However, as you and many readers have noted, we routinely edit letters — and feature local opinions across the political spectrum.

    A small, local news team works around the clock to get this paper out to our readers every week and occasionally mistakes happen.

    Missing typos in one letter one week is not a political “ploy.”

    We take great pride in publishing a fair and balanced publication.

    - Bob Quinn