'Yesterday's is a great asset for Warwick'

| 05 Oct 2017 | 01:55

    I’m writing to express my support for Yesterday’s restaurant. It’s been a Warwick institution for years and I hope it will be allowed to remain part of the community.
    Going to Yesterday’s isn’t just about food, it’s about fellowship. John, the owner has always made everyone feel welcome.
    I take issue with how some in the community, with their own agenda, have tried to say that patrons of Yesterday’s are loud or unruly. I have never seen this to be the case.
    I hope the powers that be are smart enough to do what’s best for the community and allow Yesterday’s to open in a new location and not bow to pressure from a few people.
    We drive from New Jersey to Warwick just to go to Yesterday’s. It’s a unique place where not only can you get a great meal and have a drink, but enjoy great entertainment.
    I hope that you will realize that having Yesterday’s is a great asset for Warwick.
    Carol Noonan