Yes, parents do have a say

| 03 May 2023 | 09:42

    To the Editor:

    This is in response to Dorothy Kelly’s letter from the last issue of The Warwick Advertiser.

    I agree that voters need to be informed.

    I disagree vehemently with the notion that parents have no say in the curriculum and/or the books that are allowed in the libraries.

    Anyone who watches TV is aware of the smut that is being pushed upon the children in some school districts.

    No sane parent wants their child to be exposed to:

    1. Material that is age-inappropriate and uses vivid terms to describe acts that are usually reserved for consenting adults.

    2. Drag “story hours” that serve as a grooming method.

    3. Teachers that encourage “gender-affirming” nonsense that confuses these innocent and vulnerable children. Boys are boys and girls are girls. That’s basic biology, and there’s no in-between or ability to switch. Drugs and surgery can’t change that irrefutable truth.

    Teachers should educate, not indoctrinate. The parents have every right to be involved with books and/or curriculum, and the school board has no right to shut them out. Don’t forget that elected officials are supposed to serve the public, not vice-versa.

    Paul Ertel