WVCSD capital project will 'address various necessary ... building improvements'

| 30 Nov 2017 | 06:02

    On Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017, Warwick Valley Central School District residents will go to the polls to vote on a proposed capital project totaling $10.8 million. If approved, the project will address various necessary internal and external building improvements.
    Most of the work in the project was identified and deemed necessary by the District's 2015 Building Condition Survey. The State Education Department requires that all public schools undergo this thorough inspection by independent architects or engineers to assess the conditions of school buildings.
    The necessary work cannot occur through our general maintenance budget and needs to be addressed through a Capital Project.
    The capital work to be accomplished will impact all schools, but the majority of the work will be performed at the High School and Middle School where work is most needed. The work includes asphalt replacement at the High School, Sanfordville and the Transportation Department; flooring replacement at all schools; Park A venue Elementary School air conditioning installation; High School track resurfacing; renovating the Middle School Media Center; replacing boilers; roofing; security upgrades; and updating instructional space at the High School and Middle School.
    The project also upgrades main electrical systems and old equipment, as well as removing in-ground oil tanks at all four schools.
    Further information can be found on our website or in the Capital Project newsletter that will be mailed to Warwick residents.
    The Capital Project is designed to have no additional financial impact on Warwick school district taxpayers by taking advantage of aid that New York State offers to encourage communities to maintain their schools.
    The aid, along with the funds we've set aside in our Capital Reserve, eliminates any additional cost to taxpayers for this proposed Capital Project. New York State covers 63.8 percent, or nearly $6.9 million, of the project's total cost.
    The District will use money set aside in its Capital Reserve Fund to pay the balance - approximately $3.9 million.
    The impact of a Capital Project, such as this one, is extremely important. Most of the work is critical and needs to be addressed.
    For example, the in-ground oil tanks are not used anymore by the District; however, they need to be maintained and insured. Overtime, the oil tanks can become an environmental hazard, which we should address now instead of waiting for an issue to occur.
    The High School track needs resurfacing; the track has not been replaced in over ten year and is past its useful life.
    Park Avenue School is the only school that does not have any air conditioning; temperatures on Park's second and third floor can be extremely warm, which makes it difficult for teaching and learning.
    The Middle School Media Center and other instructional spaces at the Middle School and High School are outdated and need upgrading.
    As an employee of the District, as well as a WVCSD resident, I believe it is important to maintain our schools on a regular basis. We make a lot of improvements using district staff and the general fund budget, but we cannot address the larger issues like electric, boilers, roofing, and replacement of old and outdated equipment. Our students and community deserve the best possible facilities and this Capital Project addresses them.
    Please show your support and vote on Dec. 7, 2017.
    Timothy Holmes
    Assistant Superintendent for Business
    Warwick Valley Central School District