‘Witness how support, camaraderie and bonds can inspire life change’

| 08 Aug 2023 | 02:23

    In recent months, both the We the People Warwick’s “You Are Not Alone” mental health forums and the Warwick Cares initiative have shed light on the importance of generating community solutions to address the mental health challenges we face in our communities coming out of the pandemic.

    One theme that keeps emerging from those engaged in such conversations is the concern that human connection is being lost in our fast-paced world. The power of relationships is the lifeblood of human experience. We all seek connections to others in various ways, but as time has gone on it seems people have fewer of them and less deep ones.

    The news media regularly highlights the challenges of creating meaningful relationships, particularly for men in this age of technology. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the suicide rate among males in 2021 was around four times higher than the suicide rate among females. The organization also says men make up almost 80 percentage of all suicides.

    Men may also be more likely to engage in substance misuse in place of mental health care.

    Fortunately, the news media also reminds us that the shear act of talking with others and being there for each other can confirm that “one is not alone” and can even bolster the value of living in a healthy, relational way.

    It is for these reasons that the men’s group, Tending the Fire, was created in January 2023.

    Tending the Fire Men’s Group aim is to promote an inclusive and non-judgmental environment where deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance can be experienced and the sharing of one’s challenges, joys and concerns are welcomed.

    Join us to witness how support, camaraderie and bonds can inspire life change.

    Tending the Fire Men’s Group meets 6:30 p.m. every other Thursday at the Episcopal Church, 50 South St., in Warwick. Ages 18 and up.

    Alexander Klyatis

    For more information about the Tending the Fire Men’s Group, contact Klyatis at (646) 385-2862.