‘Without a plan to contain COVID, enough is enough is just whining’

Monroe /
| 19 Dec 2021 | 02:44

    For Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, politics should stop when his constituents’ lives and health are hanging in the balance.

    How can he see the Rockettes cancelled, three NFL games moved, my Iona versus Seton Hall game at Madison Square Garden cancelled and hospitalizations across the country increased by 20% in two weeks and then ask our Governor to do nothing?

    If the Assemblyman wants us to move forward, he should be taking positive steps to stop this pandemic.

    Let him urge the 39% of his unvaccinated Republicans to get their shots.

    Let him put on a mask and stand for a publicity photo in front of ShopRite.

    Without a positive plan to contain COVID, “enough is enough” is just whining.

    Daniel Burke